Audacious Adventure | Audacious April Day 28

Standing Outside the Fire

I know we have some wanderlusters in this tribe. I also know that not everyone is as comfortable with venturing in to the great-wide-somewhere. This post is for you, my friends. It is time for you to seek audacious adventure.

I’ll be honest – I don’t completely understand you – you who want nothing more than to stay at home, you who can’t imagine being away for more than a few hours at a time. I can respect you and appreciate you – but I don’t completely understand you. Me? I want a home base from which I can soar and fly above the world. I seek adventure and I want to know the world in order to better know myself. With my adventuring complete I seek only to perch softly once again on top of the waiting hovel I have so lovingly (dare I say, audaciously) created. I want to see things and do things. I sincerely believe that it is only by engaging with the global community that we can truly find our place among it. And that requires seeking out those opportunities that allow us to do that.

Traveling is not for everyone.

That is totally fine (again, I don’t understand you, but I love and respect you). You don’t have to jet-set across the World going to some far off country every other month. There are plenty of opportunities in your own backyard. Explore your city on bike, try a new ethnic restaurant to see if you like it. Join a local ESL class as a tutor and learn about your student’s homeland. Audacious adventure isn’t about traveling so much as garnering an appreciation for the world beyond ourselves. Connecting to the Earth and the beautiful people and places it contains. Again, it is only by knowing our place in the global community and how we are intertwined (and we ARE intertwined) that we can truly live an audacious life of awareness and respect and consequently grace.

Seeing the world allows for a unique perspective shift that few are granted and even less take to heart. We are a global community whether we like it or not. To add to that, when we gain an understanding and appreciation for the Earth and its humanity through seeking audacious adventure, we are better prepared to care for and take less advantage of the limited resource that is our planet.

audacious adventure


Be bold and brave and audacious. Climb a mountain, go white river rafting, sit with a guru in an ashram in India, swim in the ocean, eat gelato in Italy. Do ALL these things, and then go home and instill the inevitable lessons you will learn in those around you. Don’t miss out on the crazy awesome things this life has to offer simply because you are too afraid to leave home. Let the winds carry you where they may and ride the tide all the way back to shore. I promise you, home will still be there when you return. I promise that no one who truly loves you will begrudge you an opportunity to better yourself and your community. I promise you it will be scary at times, yes, but I also promise you it will be the best thing you ever did, and I promise you that you will never be the same.

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With light and love,

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