Audacious Wrap-Up | Audacious April Day 30

 The End of the Journey or Just the Beginning

We made it! What a month. I am so grateful to everyone who showed up for this journey. It’s been a wild ride. My hope is that you have been in some way inspired to live a more audacious life. Douglas Adams once said, “life is wasted on the living.” I don’t want that said of  me or you.

Douglas Adams once said,”Life is wasted on the living.” I don’t want this said of me.
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I am passionate about living life while we have the air in our lungs to do so. I don’t want to waste a single second. Why? Because why else would we have been given this time on Earth? On this journey, our passions and our abilities were God-given so that we could reach people for Him. People change people. It’s what we do for others – our legacy, that matters. But we can’t do that if we aren’t willing to live audaciously in the face of a World trying so desperately to keep us from our mission.

This month has been emotional for me.

I took this challenge on as a way to reignite my own audacious life as well as dig a little deeper in to the heart and soul of this space I call home. It’s been invigorating to see this tribe grow and thrive and it’s an honor and a blessing to bear witness to lives changed.

I have so much more that I wanted to expand upon in this series but there simply was not enough time. I feel so strongly about living audaciously passionate lives and we only scratched the surface this past month. I want to dig even deeper. With that said, I will be turning this series in to a book dedicated to this tribe and the audacious lives we are living. So stay tuned for more information on that.

Thank you again for joining this tribe and committing to a life lived boldly. Journey on brave souls.

With Light and Love,

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