Audacious Coffee | Audacious April Day 29

Audacious Coffee or Life’s Little Moments

A wise person once said, “Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can, and wine to accept the things I can’t.” Can I get an amen? If you are one of those weirdos who don’t drink coffee, just pretend it’s tea or kombucha or what ever it is you pod people drink. We still love you despite your flaws. However, for the rest of us “normal” people coffee is the best part of the day. #amiright

So, why include audacious coffee in an Audacious Living series? Well, besides the fact that there is no living without coffee? Some of the best moments of my life have happened with a steaming cup of joe in my hand while surround by beautiful people. Coffee/tea dates are one of my most favorite things in this life. Something about the atmosphere surrounding a coffee-house or a front porch with a table and chairs, or anywhere there is a fresh pot of coffee brings about connection. There is nothing that I have found that a good coffee and a good conversation can’t cure. It is my go-to for meet-ups and meetings and work-dates.

Life is about small moments.

Think about it.  I can pinpoint everything big that ever happened in my life down to a singular second – down to the even the beginning of existence. consequently, big moments are just made up of smaller moments. A single conversation can change a life, launch a career, spark a revolution. It’s in these little moments that we begin to discover the secrets of living. The heart of it all is found in, yes, a cup of audacious coffee.

Now, the trick is to begin to recognize these small moments and take head of their value. I like to carry a notebook with me wherever I go. It helps me remember to record those small moments that have a big impact on me. Everything from new friendships to finding out diagnoses to new adventures being launched – it has all happened in a single small moment – usually over coffee.

audacious coffee, small moments

What are your moments?

Now, where can you go back and pinpoint an instant of singular clarity that sparked bigger things? Start a list and then begin to record new ones as they happen. These are the moments that make up life’s journey. Begin to record and ask yourself? How do I live in the space between these small moments – because I don’t want to waste a single second.

***In addition, I wanted to share this as part of the Audacious April series in part to let you know that I will be beginning a new series next month. It is called “Small Moment Saturdays.” I want to catalog and celebrate our small moments as a community which means I want to share your stories and your small moments. If you would like to share your small moment that had a huge impact email me your story at I can’t wait to begin to visually see the impact that small moments have had in all of our lives.

***Finally, tomorrow is the wrap-up for this series. I value your thoughts and I’d love to hear them regarding this month of audacious living! I hope it has inspired and encouraged you to live a more audacious life!

With Light and Love,

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