Back to Light

I’ve been processing some hard truths lately. Bitterness and anger have been my companions but I am kicking my way back into the light with every bit of strength I can muster. I am at Keep Reading

Dear Mom | Letters from the Road Vol. 1

Dear Mom or What I Should Have Told You Sooner Dear Mom, We have talked a lot over the years. We’ve shared tears of joy and tears of the deepest pain. We’ve shared clothes and Keep Reading

Embracing Authenticity | Inviting our tribe in to Our M...

I like order. I like rules and I like organization. And yet I am also wild at heart. It’s a bit of a dichotomy, yes. I struggle to balance my creative spirit with my micromanaging Keep Reading

Audacious Wrap-Up | Audacious April Day 30

 The End of the Journey or Just the Beginning We made it! What a month. I am so grateful to everyone who showed up for this journey. It’s been a wild ride. My hope is Keep Reading

Audacious Self-Care | Audacious April Day 27

Audacious Self-Care I am feeling tired and anxious today. Anyone who struggles with anxiety knows that sometimes the smallest thing can set you off and bring you in to a deep pit of funk. I Keep Reading