Audacious Mistakes | Audacious April Day 11

Audacious Mistakes are the Ultimate Open Door to Creativity. It’s a beautiful Spring evening and I am writing tonight from my patio. It is deliciously cool and the day has been long coming. A hazy Keep Reading

Audacious Writing | Audacious April Day 10

Audacious Writing | The Power of the Journal I have long hailed journaling as the best psychiatric medicine a person can buy. At just the cost of a journal and pen its a heck of Keep Reading

Audacious April | Passion and Ardor

Day 2 | Audacious Passion April is shaping up to be a beautiful month and I can already feel the energy surging through the internet as you and I begin to live outrageous and audacious Keep Reading

Here At the Corner of Authentic and Free

I had it all planned. I had 31 days of letting go all planned and just waiting to be written. I was excited. I was going to join all the other bloggers participating in the Keep Reading

For Fear of Being a Writer

Words elude me. I sit staring at the screen wanting so desperately to type and yet, nothing. How frustrating. How can I call myself a writer and not having anything to write? I want so Keep Reading