Metamorphosis | 2018 Word of the Year

Another year has come and gone. I love the beginning of a new year. I love the freshness of the season and I love the sense of reawakening. Yet, I feel a slight melancholy for the past. A sort of angst for all that was and will never be again. 2017 was a banner year. Full of so much strengthening and grace. All though 2017 was not without its challenges, I overcame so much this past year and I accomplished so much. It was a year that began a metamorphosis. I bravely stepped foot in to a new role that humbled and strengthened me, gained new focus and clarity about what I want for my life, set some fresh boundaries (a HUGE accomplishment), learned to say no a little more, and my husband and I laid the groundwork for buying a house and preparing to journey into foster care. It was a truly blessed year.

Your story may not be as euphoric as mine, and I want to acknowledge those who may be entering 2018 in a much different place. You are heard and you are known, and I hope this new year finds you hopeful no matter what 2017 held. Take a moment to sit with whatever you may be feeling and honor where you are at. It’s OK to not be OK. Let yourself feel and be real. Take care of yourself and let go the things that do not serve you. Own your story. It is yours and yours alone. When you are ready, you can begin to write the next chapter. Enter…2018…

It is natural in this season of newness to redirect our gaze to all that we want to accomplish in the coming days. Setting intentions and defining our terms for the year is a vital part of growth and success. Without a compass we’ll never find our “True North” – The ever fixed mark that leads us through the wilderness. My Word of the Year is METAMORPHOSIS. It embodies everything I want out of 2018. Having a Word of the Year makes my list-making, goal-setting, growth-seeking heart so very happy. I like having an overarching theme for the year. A compass pointing me to my truest self. The Dictionary defines metamorphosis as “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.” I would add that metamorphosis is also an evolution, a renewal, a transformation, and a process.


As part of the metamorphosis, or evolution, I want to continue finding my truest self. De-cluttering both my environment and my mind in order to rediscover my roots. This also means dropping the things that no longer serve me, and allowing new things to come in to my life. I also want to continue evolving as a woman; my definition of beauty, my standards, and resting in my role as a wife. I also intend to continue to strengthen my confidence in my “no,” and setting boundaries.


I aim to make 2018 about renewing my mind and heart. 2017 was a sort of cocoon which allowed me to begin to morph. 2018 then, is about emerging and continuing with all the growth.  Part of this metamorphosis is renewing my passions. Making time for my art, my writing, yoga and the things that bring me joy, peace, and renew my strength.


I also want to transform my health in 2018. Both my mental and physical health. I am taking more responsibility for myself and being more  intentional about changing my habits. For me this means enlisting the help of professionals instead of trying to just do it by myself.  I am getting my ADD under control and learning to embrace my quirks. I plan on sharing more on that later.


I don’t mind change – I mind the process of change. I hate the interim period of waiting and the often pain-staking process that is the journey to true change. So in 2018 I want to lean into the process of metamorphosis. That means allowing myself to feel every bit of it and being OK that change takes time. Metamorphosis is a process. A beautiful evolution and renewal that ultimately transforms us.

So, where do you land on the journey?  Are you feeling invigorated by the fresh start or desperate for a change? Wherever you are in the process lean in to this season of the journey. May your find or continue to follow your “True North.” Have a word of the year? Share your word and what it means to you.

With Light and Love,

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