Audacious Adventure | Audacious April Day 28

Standing Outside the Fire I know we have some wanderlusters in this tribe. I also know that not everyone is as comfortable with venturing in to the great-wide-somewhere. This post is for you, my friends. Keep Reading

Audacious Self-Care | Audacious April Day 27

Audacious Self-Care I am feeling tired and anxious today. Anyone who struggles with anxiety knows that sometimes the smallest thing can set you off and bring you in to a deep pit of funk. I Keep Reading

Audacious Health | Audacious April Day 26

Audacious Health Every body is unique. Every person is different. Every heart beats to its own drum and therefore health should never ever be one size fits all. That is the thread and heart of Keep Reading

Audacious Creativity | Audacious April Day 25

Audacious Creativity As an artist I love the thought of simply creating something for the sole purpose of leaning in to the act of creating. As a textbook perfectionist I have struggled to allow myself Keep Reading

Audacious Learning | Audacious April Day 24

Audacious Learning I am a life-long serial learner. I genuinely desire audacious learning. I revel in the process of ingesting and digesting new information – Expanding my mind and exploring new thoughts and ideas. I Keep Reading