Audacious Gratitude | Audacious April Day 23

Audacious Gratitude As we near the end of this series audacious gratitude overwhelms me. My heart is so full and happy. It’s been a truly audacious month. Busy but blessed. I genuinely hope you have enjoyed Keep Reading

Audacious Style | Audacious April Day 22

Audacious Style I am so thrilled to welcome another guest poster today. Welcome, Paris! Paris and I met through CiCi and I knew instantly that I wanted her to share her story and her style. This Keep Reading

Audacious Imperfection | Audacious April Day 21

Audacious Imperfection I have fought many battles. Some I have won and others I have lost. Some were short and ended peaceably and others rage on even to this day. Perfectionism is one of those Keep Reading

Audacious Community | Audacious April Day 20

Audacious Community We as humans were not designed to do this life alone. We just weren’t. We were created and designed to live in audacious community. Now I am a self-proclaimed introvert with bouts of Keep Reading

Audacious Kindness | Audacious April Day 19

Audacious Kindness We are paralleling yesterday’s audacious giving and talking about audacious kindness. Audacious kindness is acts of kindness provided for no other benefit than to make someone’s day better. Whether planned or random the Keep Reading