Audacious Giving | Audacious April Day 18

Audacious Giving is selfless and powerful. Audacious giving is sacrifice. Sacrificing time, sacrificing finances, and sacrificing certain material things in order to gain a bigger reward in the end. It is selfless and it is powerful. Keep Reading

Audacious Journey | Audacious April Day 17

Audacious Journey | Lean In When I started this blog many years ago I never expected to be taken on such an audacious journey. When I began, the blog was called Girl Meets World. A few Keep Reading

Audacious Love | Audacious April Day 16

But we loved with a love that was more than love— I and my Annabel Lee “Annabel Lee” BY EDGAR ALLAN POE Audacious Love I struggle to let people in. I feel deeply and love Keep Reading

Audacious Fun | Audacious April Day 15

Audacious Fun | Embrace the Silly We’ve kept things pretty serious this month with all this audacious living. Today, however, I want to piggyback off of yesterday’s post about finding what makes you happy. Today Keep Reading

Audacious Happiness | Audacious April Day 14

Audacious Happiness I want very little and ask very little of this life; a roof over my head, delicious cupcakes to consume, copious amounts of coffee to drink, a ridiculously comfy bed to sleep in, Keep Reading